Volunteer Agreement

By signing up as a volunteer you are indicating that you understand and agree to the conditions of this agreement.


  • The Leeds Network has been set up by the University of Leeds, through its Alumni and Development Team and Careers Centre, to provide an online service for current students and graduates of the last 5 years. The Network allows current students, graduates of the last 5 years and University of Leeds members of staff to view your career profiles and – if you selected the email contact option at registration – for current students and graduates of the last 5 years to contact you with career and professional development questions.
  • The personal and career data that you provide to the Leeds Network including degree details, industry you work in and your type of work will be used to collate statistical details on the service which will be used to inform further developments and will be used for the development of other University alumni relations and career programmes.
  • The University of Leeds reserves the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to decide that a volunteer is not suitable to participate in the Leeds Network. The volunteer has no right to appeal or to dispute any such decision.

Career profiles

  • When you register as a volunteer with the Leeds Network the details that you submit for your career profile are accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  • The University’s Careers Centre will review your profile when you register. They may contact you for additional information to enhance your profile and if asked you will respond to such requests.
  • When requested, on an annual basis, by the University of Leeds to review your career profile on the Leeds Network you will update your details as appropriate.

Contact for career and professional development questions

  • Any contact - whether via email, telephone or face to face – that results from contact through the Leeds Network is an agreement between you, the volunteer and the student / recent graduate user and is entirely apart from the University of Leeds. The University has no responsibility for any contact that is undertaken or for the conduct of the student / recent graduate users.
  • You will keep confidential any information that you receive or obtain as a result of contact through the Leeds Network that is specifically agreed between you and the user as confidential or information that it would be reasonable to expect to be kept confidential in the absence of an expressed understanding.